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Our client is a leading garment sourcing agent with a global presence throughout the world.

THE POSITION - Senior Technician, Lingerie

Sample Review and Approval
Review samples such as style, construction, workmanship, quality, measurement and write sample comments
Approve sample specifications and quality
Identify and resolve potential safety standard issues such as construction and
Discuss customers’ comments and improvement areas with customers, factories and

Technical Advance and Support
Explain customers’ requirements, key points and comments to factories
Identify and resolve potential issues of samples
Discuss alternatives with factories based on customers’ comments
Provide guidance on materials, fitting, specifications and constructions
Provide technical advice and suggestions to factories to improve their performance
and capability

Technical Control
Update factories on the customer requirements
Discuss work progress and issues / difficulties encountered with merchandisers

Perform other duties as assigned by Management



Successful candidate should have the knowledge and skillset to complete tasks listed below:

Carry out independent fitting checks and identify obvious fittings and workmanship issues
Provide solutions on fitting issues without affecting the contour and original product design

Product Safety Requirements
Identify product safety requirements and different testing methods required for different products

Pattern Construction
Draw paper patterns
Recommend how paper patterns should be altered to achieve better look and fit
Conduct paper patterns checks against product specifications

Product / Material
Identify contents, quality, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, limitations and costing of different materials
Source appropriate material for different products
Recommend how to make and improve products for production

Production / Manufacturing
Develop production plans that meet customers’ delivery requirements
Decide the production procedures for different materials and products
Identify the roots of production problems that might have impact on costs, delivery
and/or product quality Quality
Control factories’ quality and QA procedures to meet customer requirements
Provide technical advice to solve quality issues

Display knowledge of testing requirements for different products
Interpret test reports Continuous Improvement
Check the accuracy and quality of work (own and others) to ensure it meets expected standards and adheres to established procedures
Make changes, as needed, in work of self and others in order to ensure accuracy, quality and thoroughness

Customer Orientation
Uncover customers’ needs by asking appropriate questions
Check with customers to ensure that problems have been corrected and issues
Develop strong working relationships with customers
Respond to customer needs in a timely manner with minimal supervision
Meet customers’ deadlines

Language skills
Communicate clearly, using language and tone that are appropriate for the audience
Blend technical and non-technical information in a way that is easy to follow and
Listen actively and respond to others
Guide informal discussions between peers to meet an objective
Develop documents that effectively communicate to other work groups
Use appropriate business terminology

Quality Orientation
Meet quality and timeliness standards
Demonstrate sound attention to detail, checking and monitoring own work against
quality standards and guidelines
Spot mistakes in accuracy and completeness
Ensure important problems affecting quality are escalated appropriately
Identify ways to improve the quality of own work

Interpersonal Skills
Respond appropriately to others’ feelings and needs
Develop basic business relationships
Identify problems impacting the development or maintenance of business relationships

Encourage others to participate in group discussions and decisions ! Collaborate with group members to complete tasks
Identify and address barriers to effective teamwork



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